5 Important Website Elements That Are Visible in Every Great Design

Digital design and web page trends change all the time. Your brand needs to stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive. Your website design should have a clean look and incorporate website elements that engage every website visitor.

User experience on your site is everything when engaging with your audience. If you have a site that has good information but is hard to navigate, you could easily lose the viewer.

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Here are five important website elements to include on your site to build a modern, appealing vision for your brand’s website.

1. Branded Fonts

Every memorable brand, from Coco-Cola to Google, has a unique font type for its branding. Typography is a prevalent part of your logo that is easily recognizable. Your web pages should incorporate the same fonts throughout to build a cohesive experience for your audience as they navigate.

2. Engaging Hero Images

The first thing your audience will see when they enter your site will probably be the hero image. These large banner images at the top of your homepage must be engaging and represent your branding to pull in website visitors and compel them to complete a call to action (CTA). It should also be responsive, adjusting to the screen size of the device the viewer is using, whether it’s a mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

3. Call-To-Action Buttons

The action you want your audience to take should be obvious to them from the moment they enter your site. Call-to-action buttons are the cleanest and quickest way to lead users through an actionable experience. Do you want uses to schedule an appointment, give you a call or complete an online form?

These buttons should be clear and in more than one spot on your site, especially if your web page incorporates scrolling. The initial placement should be above the fold and very visible.

4. Contact Information and About Us

Whether in the top navigation or the footer—or both—you need easily accessible contact information and “About Us” information. Most brands have the contact in multiple places on their main landing page and as a separate “Contact Us” page.

The about section is normally on the main landing page or a separate landing page accessible through the top navigation. However you decide to design it, the contact page and information should be highly visible.

5. Simple Navigation

The simplicity or complexity of your website’s navigation directly affects bounce rate and CTA completion. Your web pages should feature simple navigation with easy-to-understand buttons at the top of the page. The easier it is to navigate your site, the more likely a website visitor will complete your CTA.

Build a Better User Experience

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