Understanding the New Google Algorithm Update: Short Guide

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Google rolled out its new helpful content update on September 9, 2022. This broad core algorithm update affects search results in noticeable ways, but what does this mean for your SEO campaigns and your business’s website?

As an established SEO company in The Woodlands, our team at Auxilia has experience decoding and adjusting SEO campaigns after Google algorithm updates. In this article, we will discuss the new algorithm update and how it affects your business’s page rankings. 

Google Algorithm Update Changes

Google recently launched a helpful content update to improve Google search results. The goal is to help users make search queries that find original and valuable content. Let’s examine some of the fundamentals of the major update.

Focus on People

The new update means that content that meets visitor expectations will rank higher on the search engine results page. So how should you create content on your website? Start by creating content for people, not search engines.

People-first content creators can deliver value to searchers by utilizing SEO best practices and delivering satisfying content. Evaluate your site to check if it uses a people-centric approach by answering yes to these questions:

  • Does your site have a particular focus or purpose?
  • Would visitors find the content useful if they came directly to your business or site?
  • Do you have a product or service demonstrating first-hand expertise and knowledge in your content?

Don’t Create Content Only for Search Engines

The new Google algorithm update does not change the guidelines for SEO. The update aims to devalue content created only for search engines, which provides an unsatisfactory user experience. If you answer yes to some or all the following questions, reconsider how you create content.

  • Is the content intended to target search engines instead of people?
  • Does your content creation process involve extensive automation?
  • Does your site create content on different topics to rank higher in search engines?

What Should Site Owners Do?

Google will use the new site-wide signal when ranking web pages as part of this update. The update will identify content that appears to have low value with information unhelpful to users. Google recommends removing unhelpful content to improve rankings.

However, we recommend waiting and taking a different approach. Google’s core user experience update focuses heavily on quality content. Get a core web vitals report from Google to see how your pages perform and how to improve user experience.

Next, start by evaluating your content. Make sure all content meets Google’s requirement of focusing on people first rather than search engines. Ask yourself how you can deliver exceptional content to help other people. 

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